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Reel Action Fishing Charters is your source for private fishing charters, family fishing charters and eco-tours in the Myrtle Beach area. Don’t waste any more time looking up the competition: Reel Action Fishing Charters offers the perfect experience for your charter. With medium sized boats capable of carrying up to 6 adults, we focus on a more private experience. Right now, we’re offering children that are 11 or under go free with an adult accompanying them.

Not all myrtle beach fishing charters provide this level of service. Unfortunately, many visitors sign up for inexpensive charters on large group boats containing 100 or more people. As a result, they don’t catch anything and don’t have a good time. That’s not what you get with Reel Action Fishing Charters. We’re committed to providing the safest, most exciting and memorable myrtle beach fishing charter experience with your family and friends.

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We accommodate anglers of all skill levels and desires. From experienced anglers looking for deep runs of the larger fish to a first-timer looking to get their feet wet. The benefits of going on a small charter include the ability to pick your own agenda and trip. This way, you are not stuck on a large boat with dozens of other fishermen and women trying to catch the same fish as you. We’re also very accommodating of young children and families. Our Captains are trained on teaching younger children the importance of fishing as a sustainable outdoor activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Additionally, we let children under the age of 11 and under fish for free on our charters. Young children are especially welcome for an educational adventure on the water.

Reel Action Fishing Charters especially enjoys taking families out on fishing charters in myrtle beach, as our licensed Captains are professionals at teaching the traditions, rules and fun of fishing. Even when we’re not fishing, we are catching bait minnows in creeks, shrimping with large cast nets, watching dolphins breach the ocean and pulling crab pots from the ocean floor. If you’re looking for a private experience with your family without the crowds, ask about Shell Island.

Due to the small amount of people we take out on fishing charters every day, we cannot guarantee availability unless you’ve booked a charter ahead of time. You can call for the fastest response at (843) 997-3077 or contact us today!


Make sure you book in advance to reserve your spot for a fun fishing adventure! Our charters fill up quickly. Sometimes, we book months in advance. All charters are on a first come, first served basis and we don't require a deposit to get booked. Contact us today to speak with a booking agent or Captain for your fishing queries. We are available by telephone at (843) 997-3077.

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